Iridology Congress 2003 Eye and Tongue

Examining the Irises and Tongue for Health Assessment and the Homeopathic Medicine

An Article By Dr.Richard Hiltner MD, DHt

Evaluation of the eyes and the tongue in assessing one’s health is as old as medicine itself. However, the consideration of the irises associated with the tongue in regard to determining a homeopathic medicine has been only a couple centuries.

It has been my pleasure and honor to be associated with one of the greatest contemporary specialist in tongue diagnoses in Traditional Chinese Medicine: namely, ZE-LIN CHEN,MD; who taught at the Santa Barbara School of Oriental Medicine for a number of months when I was a student. Dr. Chen, in addition to his wife, MEI-FANG CHEN, MD, are authors of a book called TONGUE DIAGNOSIS. Ze-lin Chen, MD is a Professor of Medicine at Shanghai Medical University, Chief of Traditional Chinese Medical Department and Laboratory, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital. He is presently on the staff of the Oriental Healing Arts Institute in Long Beach, California.

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