Role of Medical Astrology in Homeopathy

Can Medical Astrology Aid in Discovering  the Homeopathic Medicine?

Few subjects are as controversial as medical astrology.  When one considers that virtually all of ancient as well as some of the present day medical systems such as Ayurvedic, and other indigenous complementary and alternative systems use medical astrology, one should take a serious look at its potential.  The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung, MD is well-known for his advocacy of its use in psychiatry.

Often spoken of as the first to really delineate the Law of Similars, Paracelsus, was a Swiss physician born in 1493.  He was well-acquainted with medical astrology.

Most modern physicians who had/have a passion for medical astrology were/are also homeopaths.  In the United States H. L. Cornell, MD was the author of “Astrology and the Diagnosis of Disease” in 1918.  His Magnum Opus, Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology [958 pages] published in 1933, [now in its 3rd edition] is an essential book in this area.

William M. Davidson, MD was born in England and lived most of his life in the United States [primarily in Chicago].  He knew homeopathy well and gave a series of lectures in 1958 in New York.  This series of eight dealt with “Medical Astrology and Health.”  He modernized the association of astrology with anatomy and physiology and was able to express it in relatively simple ways.

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