Utilizing Medical Astrology in Discovering the Homeopathic Medicine

With today’s computer technology, it is possible to obtain much Astrological Data is a matter of 5 minutes.  It thus makes it very easy and practical to know quickly much about a person’s personality, health, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Since homeopathy is intensely interested in the whole individual, I have found that after examining hundreds of charts that Medical Astrology is essential in obtaining the deeper picture of the individual.  Whether the homeopathic practitioner is a beginner or advanced, this Seminar will be able to give very practical information that can be utilized quickly in discovering the deeper personality and possible physical ailments. Therefore, it is an important aid in determining the appropriate homeopathic medicine.

When one considers that virtually all of ancient as well as some of the present day medical systems such as Ayurvedic, and other indigenous complementary and alternative systems use medical astrology, one should take a serious look at its potential.  The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung, MD is well-known for his advocacy of its use in psychiatry.

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