Homeopathy and Immunization

An Article By Richard Hiltner MD,DHt

There are a few subjects that produce fiery emotions than that of immunization. The purpose of this paper is to give the status of vaccinations at this time – listing the various pros and cons. More emphasis will be placed on the homeopathic perspective and possible solution to this very controversial subject.

In the United States, the necessity, effective and safety of vaccinations in this century was hardly questioned by the majority until the last few years. The virtual disappearance of small pox, polio, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) seem to present strong evidence of the effectiveness of these immunizations. Today, every state requires children to have vaccinations (DPT, Polio and MMR). All allow expectations if appear any medical reasons to suggest a severe reaction. There is also in most states a deferral secondary to religious beliefs. Many also allow philosophical exemptions (California allows all three of these exemptions).

Some questions about the effectiveness of immunizations have been raised, such as the diphtheria mortality rate having dropped fifty percent before the vaccination was developed. Also cited is the fact that many disease are cyclic and that their occurrence is very difficult to access. As Alan Nelson, MD, President of the A.M.A. stated, “The incidence of pertussis is cyclic and the severity could also run in cycles.” Dr. Mendelson, who was a practicing pediatrician for twenty five years, professor at the University of Illinois Medical School, and past President of the National Health Federation, raised questions about controlled studies in regard to immunization. But, perhaps the most damaging argument against vaccination is that of SAFETY.

In the book DPT: a Shot in the Dark (Warner books, 1985) by Barbara Fisher and Harris Coulter there appeared strongly suggestive documentation of the serious side effects of the DPT vaccination, including death. An excellent article on Vaccination called “Who Calls the Shots?” by Richard Leviton appeared in East West Magazine in November 1988. Mr. Leviton refers to Fisher-Coulter work and relates that according to their calculations on the best available published data, “They calculated that, based on an infant population of 3.3 million per year eligible for DPT shots, four thousand two hundred and forty eight have either post-injection convulsions or collapse, ten thousand three hundred and seventy seven have high pitched screaming within forty eight hours, and eighteen thousand eight hundred and seventy three infants have some form of significant neurological reaction within two days/ Possibly as many as nine hundred and forty three deaths and eleven thousand,

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