Iris 400 Handout 2005

Examining 400 Pair of IrisesĀ  With Verified Diagnoses

An Article by Richard Hiltner, MD, DHt

Since finishing my Diploma in Holistic Iridology in 2002 at the International Institute of Iridology, approximately 400 photos of pairs of irises have been taken. It was necessary to have an assistant take 20 photos [10 on each iris] on each person. There were also an additional 5 photos which included: the face, 2 profiles, tongue and under the tongue [sublingual]. The camera used on the irides was the Pesek Tri-Iriscope.

It was emphasized to me from my teacher, DR. DAVID PESEK, that the iris reflects the overall health and balance of the body and its energy systems. There was indeed caution about making definite diagnoses. The more my experience increases in iridology, the more I see the sense of this approach. For the irises reveal usually a larger picture with more emphasis on the total individual than the narrower realm of diagnoses.

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