Green HomeopathyAs homeopathic medical science is so often little known or understood I would like to share with you some
of the basic concepts that will enable me, as your physician, to help you maintain your health balance or, if
you are presently experiencing health problems, to help me arrive at a positive, productive health therapy.
One of the initial ideas I would hope to impress upon you is that the homeopathic doctor bases his treatment of disease upon the concept of LIKE CURES LIKE. In other words, the physical body inherently attempts to rid itself of an imbalance (ust like a splinter in the finger; when that occurs, the body creates an
atmosphere – a pocket of pus-that serves to expel the splinter). The homeopathic medicines selected by
your physician thus will help the body to expel its imbalance. At times, there is a temporary aggravation of
the symptoms. This can be a sign to the physician that the correct medicine has been chosen-the body has
been motivated to heal itself at an increased speed; thus, important organs, etc, are not permanently
Another important thing to grasp is that various parts of your body can be involved in the healing process
and the disease works from within to without: from the more important areas to the less important areas.
Thus it is very important not to interfere with this natural healing process. For example, if one has dianhea
it can be stopped or blocked by taking narcotics or other commonly used medicines which simply slow
down or stop peristalsis (bowel function). Whereas a homeopathic medicine would be given to help the
body’s natural defense mechanism by “pushing” in the same direction, thus eliminating toxins, etc, rather
than suppressing them.

If you have been under treatment for a chronic problem, PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE TFIE

A commonly asked question is: How long will it take for the homeopathic treatment to take effect?
The answer to this is variable, depending on the seriousness and length of time of the illness and the amount of drugs that have been taken. Homeopathy has been shown to be very effective for a known period of approximately 200 years. It is not a cure-all, and as your physician I do not wish you to think that I consider myself to be any other than a physician grounded in the concept common to all Physicians: the Hippocratic Oath is to do the best we know how to heal the patient and cause no harm.

Your cooperation in reporting your reactions to treatment is of great value and I most urgently want you to
feel free to call whenever you have a question.

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